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The Nerf Centre Liverpool offers an exciting venue for children from four years old to run off some steam while they play 'shoot 'em up' with their friends.

Safety is a priority and staff also have Staff have autism awareness training. There are fully padded crash mat walls, flooring and obstacles ensuring your very own little soldier can do all the commando rolls and army crawls they wants.

While the kids battle it out, you can watch on in the viewing area or grab a coffee and a bite to eat in the cafe.

There are one or two hour sessions available and the venue also hosts children's parties.


Pay £10 instead of £20 for a one-hour Nerf session for two.
Pay £20 instead of £40 for four people.
Pay £30 instead of £60 for six people with Groupon.
Also go to the Nerf Centre Liverpool Facebook page for latest offers.


£10 for one hour or £15 for two hours in the battle zone

Opening Hours

Friday 3pm-7pm (open session anyone welcome)
Saturday 10am-7pm (open session 12pm-3pm anyone welcome)
Sunday 10am-7pm (open session 12pm-3pm anyone welcome)


Unit 3, Vauxhall Business Centre, 131 Vauxhall Road, Liverpool, L3 6BN

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Destination: Unit 3, Vauxhall Business Centre, 131 Vauxhall Road, Liverpool, L3 6BN

0151 353 7900‬


Parking Cafe Viewing Area Autism-friendly


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