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There's no such thing as ghosts, right? Well if you head down to Formby beach at low tide you may spot something that will give you chills.

When the sea goes out, a strange phenomenon can be spotted rising from the beach - a ghost ship.

The shipwreck is the remains of refrigerated cargo ship Ionic Star, which has been embedded in the sands off Formby since October 1939.

The vessel sank close to the end of its journey from Rio de Janeiro to Liverpool.
It cannot be seen usually only at extreme low tide, once the water recedes you can see this eerie and magnificent shipwreck from the beach.

If the kids love pirates and sea folklore this will certainly capture their imagination.


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Free. Car parking charge of £6.

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Only visible at extreme low tide.


Victoria Road, Formby, Liverpool, L37 1LJ

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