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Chester Zoo have opened a huge nature reserve just outside the main zoo - and it's FREE to enter.

The new wildlife haven is around 60,000 square metre and will provide a protective habitat for threatened British wildlife.

The nature reserve will include a walking trail, fully accessible for buggies, wheelchairs and strollers.

The area was formerly agricultural land but Chester Zoo have been restoring the land since 2013 with wildflower meadows, ponds, beetle banks, log piles, trees and a reedbed with a hide for viewing the wildlife.

The site is already known to be home to a variety of species such as kingfishers, hedgehogs and harvest mice, with occasional sightings of otters and many other species.


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Opening Hours

To be confirmed - opens Friday, April 27, 2018


Moston Road, Upton-by-Chester, Upton, Chester CH2 1EU

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01244 380280


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