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Belle Vale Park is a wonderful green space surrounded by rows of houses and a lovely spot to get away from it all.

You'll find it behind the Lee Valley Library and Millenium Centre and it's not far from McDonald's and Morrisons too.

There's a children's play area including swings, a roundabout, climbing frame with slide and see-saw and a multi-play area.

There's also a game court so the kids can kick a football about or hit a few tennis balls.

It's not the biggest park but it's a nice place to visit without having to travel into the city centre.


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Opening Hours

Open all year round.
Monday 7am–9pm
Tuesday 7am–9pm
Wednesday 7am–9pm
Thursday 7am–9pm
Friday 7am–9pm
Saturday 7am–9pm
Sunday 7am–9pm


Belle Vale Road, Liverpool

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