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The Amur Tiger Trail is open from Friday, May 25, 2018.

You can now get up close and personal with tigers thanks to Knowsley Safari Park’s new amur Tiger Trail.

The new tiger habitat has been designed especially for big cats Sinda and Bira (sisters) and visitors can see them exploring their surroundings though impressive full-length glass panes!

Edward Perry, Managing Director at Knowsley Safari, said: “As well as creating a great environment for our sisters to thrive, we also wanted to bring our visitors a real taste of what makes the Amur Tiger different to other subspecies and educate them on the challenges they face in the wild - all through play and fun! We want this to be an active experience for our guests and so we’ve created lots of different activities around the habitat for them to explore and learn from.”

Amur tigers are an endangered species with numbers thought to be only around 500 in the wild. Of the nine subspecies of tiger, three are already extinct and the Amur tiger is the largest living species remaining.

The new facility at Knowsley Safari has been designed to enable breeding and contribute to the global breeding programme for the species.


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